The Moon in Astrology and Your Moon Sign


While there would be no life on Earth if it weren’t for the Sun, the Moon also has a powerful affect on Earth. Not only does it affect the tides of our oceans, but its presence also slows down the speed of the Earth’s rotation. In Astrology, the Moon is also a powerful presence. It is considered to be the ruler of our mood, emotions, and needs for security often on an unconscious level.

When you were born, the Moon was in a particular sign, and this is considered your Moon Sign. If the moon was in Libra when you were born, for example, your moods, and emotions might be influenced by Libra characteristics, even if your Sun sign is something else. Understanding the conflicts Libra encounters might help you understand some of your own unconscious conflicts that affect you.

The Moon and How It Influences Our Daily Life

Every few days the Moon resides in a different sign as it moves through the sky in relation to the stars. This accounts for our more fleeting mood and preoccupations that change on a daily basis. To understand how the Moon is influencing you, you need to know what sign the Moon is in, and what House the Moon is in for your Sun Sign.

How To Find Out Your Moon Sign

To learn your Moon sign, you need to know your exact time of birth. If you know this you can go straight to our interactive Birth Chart and enter the information in.

If You Don’t Know Your Time of Birth

The easiest way to find out your time of birth is to ask your parents or any other close relative if you can. But if you can’t, or they can’t remember you might be able to obtain hospital records for when you were born. Unfortunately not all hospitals record the exact time of birth.

You might also track down your birth certificate or another version of your certificate. In some countries there may be more than one version of a birth certificate such as a long or short form, or a “full” version. You will likely have to provide other proof of your identification or pay fees.  However not all birth certificates include this information either. Before you go to the trouble, it is helpful to know what your country or hospital tends to record.

If you are out of luck, or you just want to find out your Moon Sign for fun you might be able to estimate what your moon sign is.

Estimating your Moon Sign

Your family might not the exact time, but they might remember roughly what time of the day you were born in. Even if your family only remembers you being born in the afternoon for example, it can make estimating easier.

Either way put in the earliest time you might have been born into the interactive Birth Chart and see where the moon was. Then put the latest likely time you were born in and see if the moon sign is the same. If so you know what your sign is.

If moon moved from one sign to another, however, you will then have to look at the characteristics of each sign. Which sign more closely reflects your inner state? Don’t think about it. Go with your gut response. Your gut response is more likely to be correct as the Moon influences your unconscious.

Even if you were to guess wrong, that sign still has some influences on your moods, feelings and unconscious desires.

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