All About Capricorn


About Capricorn

Capricorn’s symbol: The Sea Goat
Sumero-Babylonian name: SUḪUR.MAŠ “The Goat-Fish”

Capricorn Qualities:

  • Brooding, dark introspective power
  • Spurred by single-minded ambition that can carry them to great heights
  • Feisty strength
  • If they find the wrong mountain to climb will retrace steps with only minor discouragement before cheerfully turning to climb again
  • Draw energy inward
  • Want to build empires though seldom motivated by money or possessions or fame
  • Can control their own emotions
  • Fierce work ethic and great managerial ability
  • Capable of intense concentration


  • Matchless determination
  • Indifferent to obstacles or hardships
  • Seldom swayed by the feelings of others
  • Can see sublime panoramas and inspire others with their vision
  • starts at Aries which is 0 degrees. The first 180 degrees are the northern signs which is the bottom of the zodiac. The top of the zodiac are the southern signs.

Capricorn’s Element is Earth

Element: For thousands of years it was believed that everything was made up of a unique combination of the four elemental principles. Today we can translate these into the four fundamental states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma. Most people are considered to be a mixture of all four. Personalities and relationships are made upon a balance of all four.

Each element has its own principles. Qualities of Earth relating to Capricorn:

  • Practical
  • Solid
  • Constant
  • Dependable
  • Diplomatic
  • Careful

Capricorn’s Modern Day Equivalent to the Earth sign

Solid qualities. It has a stable, definite shape and definite volume. The forces between particles are so strong that the particles cannot move freely but only vibrate. Solids can only change their shape by force. When heated above the melting point, becomes a liquid.

Earth: Modern Day Physics Equivalent of Matter is to Solid

Modern interpretation suggests that Earth signs can be very strong, they know who they are, but the less mature types are vulnerable to stubbornness or rigidness. People depend on them, and they handle that well. But they can also take or leave others. They are sure of themselves. They are slow to respond but will help others fight their battles. They are simpatico to Water signs.

Capricorn Quadruplicities:


New start, Leadership, Activity, Restlessness

Other Cardinal signs

 Ruler: Saturn (day)

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