5 Easy Tips for Preparing to Develop your Psychic Powers

pyschic-preparation2Many people don’t experience much luck in developing their psychic abilities. This is often because our psychic energy is in conflict with the way we live our modern day to day lives.

5 easy tips to gain strength in the mind and soul

It is commonly believed that that those who have psychic powers are simply born with them and there is no way one can develop them on their own.

This is in fact, is believed to be untrue. These otherworldly powers are considered to be a natural part of us, and were heavily practiced by all once upon a time. However, after many, many years of neglect, these enchanting talents became rare and unheard of. People even doubt with they’re real.

But even though the practice of these powers has been sadly abandoned, it is thought that most people still sport a trace of them, even if very small.

Have you ever had a dream that’s mysteriously come to life, or experienced Deja Vu? Or been the subject to more than one suspicious coincidence? You are likely unknowingly exercising your psychic powers.

But how can you control and expand these ancient skills? The first step is to prepare your mind and body and psyche. With these 5 easy tips, nearly anyone take the route to becoming a master psychic!

  1. Develop a strong relationship between your mind and body

Developing a strong relationship between your mind and body is the first and most important step towards unlocking your psychic powers, and constructing your soul and spirit.

Think of it like a building. You cannot build the second floor without building the first. It’s the same with the relationship between your mind, body, and soul.

Meditation, particularly that which focuses on your breathing is the quickest and most effective route to developing a harmonious connection between your mind and body.

Relaxation exercises can also be very useful as well, since there is a direct link between the neural activity in your brain, how you feel and your body responses.

  1. Release yourself from all negative energy

Giving yourself a positive outlook on life and acting optimistic when times are tough can drastically improve your happiness level, the length of your life, and of course, your psychic powers! Even just pretending to smile can increase your mood and make you feel happier!

However when people are feeling angry or down, there can be a certain sense of satisfaction from holding on to those bad feelings. This is why we indulge in complaining or going on “rants” about things that are bothering us. It feels like that we are somehow honouring ourselves and the injustices that we perceive have been made against us.  But its not. These attitudes cloud both our perception and our perspective.

There are two ways to tackle this.

First, acknowledge that your attitudes are a position that you have chosen (even if unconsciously!). You are not powerless to negative energy. You don’t need to feel bad to prove that injustice has been made against you. You are not losing out by letting that negative energy go. You are benefiting from it in the long run.  Second, you can release negative energy by seeking to understand others from a place of empathy.

Once you learn how to release negative energy you will start to feel a simultaneous detachment and connection to the world around you. The detachment means you are not so caught up and distracted by the mundane petty details  life. The connection means you are in a more empathetic and tolerant place. Energy will be more attracted to you now and you will find yourself more aware and receptive to it.

  1. Develop a healthier lifestyle

Believe it or not, making physical changes to your body can largely affect your mental health. Working out, especially low impact aerobic exercise can improve your mood and is even thought to reduce anxiety!

Eating healthy can not only give you needed energy, help you lose weight and prevent diseases, but it can also extend your life by a number of years!

But developing a healthier lifestyle is not only good for your physical health. A healthy lifestyle can sharpen your mind. Exercise can help you improve your self control; two of the major factors in developing your psychic powers!

  1. Increase your self-control through repetitive tasks

This may not seem like a helpful tip, but practicing dull and repetitive tasks can hugely ameliorate your self control and willpower. This is an extremely important skill for those who want to grow and enhance their psychic powers.

Willpower is like a muscle. It can be worn out. This is why we are more likely to lose our tempers, or cheat on our diets in the evening. But like a muscle, science has also proven that it can be strengthened through practice, too.

Some dull and repetitive tasks are washing the dishes, folding laundry, doing math (if you’re a student at school who does not enjoy math – otherwise doing math might fit into your life for point 5!). Even volunteering to do a menial task even for an hour a week will help you. This kind of activity is not only good for increasing your psychic powers, it will serve you well in everyday situations.

  1. Do what you love

Doing what you love with your whole heart can definitely strengthen your psychic powers, not to mention make you feeling happier. Whether it be painting, playing the piano, or simply hanging out with friends, it’s important to let loose at times and do what you want! This helps you be in tune with your purpose in life, and the more in tune you are with yourself, the more in tune you will be with the energy around you!

Once you have prepared your body mind and psyche you are ready to move on to the next steps! See Tap Into Your psychic Powers, a Guide to Developing and Strengthening Your Psychic Powers.