Pisces May Become Withdrawn

Sometimes you don’t even know it’s happening. The people in the room who are demanding attention get it, and then where is Pisces? Pisces has disappeared even though they are right there.  If you know a Pisces and you think they are ignoring you, or lost in their own thoughts, pay attention to what else is happening. Are you being too loud, forceful or insistent? Or perhaps you have just gone on an on about yourself?

Even the most brash, confident and tough Pisces can be very sensitive on the inside. They may not want to show it or draw attention to themselves. They may not even be aware that they are different in this wa than other signs. But withdrawing may be a way to cope with it.

Next time you see a Pisces do this, and they insist everything is just fine, try to be quietly understanding. Allow them to have a place where they can gather their thoughts and regain their balance.