QUIZ: How Strong Are Your Psychic Powers?


Believe it or not, psychics are not the only people who are believed to have psychic powers. While true psychics usually spend a lot of time and effort developing their talents and skills, it is thought that psychic powers are a natural part of all of us.

How strong are your powers right now? Take the quiz to find out!

How Strong Are Your Psychic Powers?

Choose the answer that most closely represents you.

1. Have you ever had an unexplained feeling that something good/bad was was going to happen, to later find out that you were right?


2. Are you often able to guess what will happen in the future, without having any knowledge of it beforehand?


3. How often do you feel the presence of something beside you, only to turn around and find that nothing was there?


4. Are you good at games that involve a lot of chance? (e.g, games that heavily rely on dice).


5. How often do you dream at night?


6. Are your dreams memorable? Do you still think about your dreams even long after you’ve had them?


7. What are your dreams most like? (Choose answer closest to reality)


8. Have you ever had a feeling that someone was a good/bad person just by looking at them, to later find out that you were right?


9. Have you ever experienced what is commonly known as Déjà vu which is the feeling that a current experience has either been dreamed about or already happened to you before?


10. Do you have a tendency to experience coincidences?  An example is two or more related things happening at the same time when there doesn’t appear to be a casual connection.


11. BONUS: Choose any box. This question will affect your score.


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